Rumen Yankulov

(Anand Rumen)

He has an MA degree in Clinical and Consultative Psychology from Sofia University. His first meeting with the world of Osho was in 1991 and since then he has been on the path of meditation. He has been involved with organizing groups since 1996. Leads his own groups since 1998. In the winter of 1999, together with a group of friends, he leaves for Osho Commune International - OCI (Puna, India) where he lives and works for a few months, and takes part in the Millennium Festival. In the next 2 years he spends in OCI a few months every winter, taking part and helping in many groups, and some trainings. His established connections with a number of Osho therapists and group leaders created the basis for some of them to start coming to Bulgaria and lead groups here. A big part of his vision for the next few years is presenting the leading Osho therapists and the variety of Osho meditation and therapy in Bulgaria.

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Elitsa Velikova


+359 88 888 53 06

Piyusha (Elitsa Velikova) has a degree in Psychology, Masters in Expressive Arts therapy and works with various population groups since 2004. She has specialized in a wide range of humanitarian and body-oriented therapies, like Breath, Childhood Deconditioning, Counseling, Family Constellations, and combines them with various meditation practices. She has assisted and co-lead groups in many countries, including Greece, Turkey, Italy, Russia, Mexico, USA, and others. Piyusha has been involved and supporting Osho-events in Bulgaria since 2000.

George Chapalov

+359 889 438 580

starts his intense journey in meditation and therapy in 2001. For many years takes part in a multitude of different Osho therapy and meditation groups. Trained in martial arts and Pulsation body- and energywork, assisted in a number of workshops and trainings. Since 1997 he is a homeopathy practitioner. At present he has his private practice and trains people in the method.