ROOTS OF LOVE - family constellations with Svagito Liebermeister

3 day therapy group with Svagito R. Liebermeister

Svagito has a degree in psychology from Munich University, Germany and has worked as a therapist for 40 years. He is trained in a wide field of humanistic therapies and body therapies. In 1981 he became a disciple of the Indian Mystic Osho and since then lived and worked in his spiritual communes. For a while he used to work in private practice in Munich, which he gave up after travelling and working in many Therapy Institutes throughout the world became more extensive.
For 10 years he has been training people to become therapists, mainly in Neo-Reichian therapy (Pulsation and breath), deep tissue work (Rebalancing), Counseling and Energywork (Star Sapphire, Psychic Massage) and lately also in Hellinger's Systemic Family Therapy. At present he conducts the Family Constellation Training, the Pulsation-Breath Training, the Psychic Massage Training and various courses in Family Therapy, Counseling, Relating and Star Sapphire Energywork at the Osho Multiversity, Poona, India and in many places throughout the world.
He has been studying Family constellation work with the originator Bert Hellinger and is now presenting this method in a way that incorporates meditation. The basic understanding is that any therapeutic method is a help in relaxing the mind and in this way becomes a stepping stone to move more deeply into meditation.


2023 December 1 - December 3



hotel "Kamengrad" Panagyurishte town, 2 Pavel Bobekov str.

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330/290* евро