The quest for Who is in? and Who am I? is as old as humanity. These questions are the core questions of every human being – no matter if man or woman, young or old, stupid or clever, seeker or businessman. All other questions used in the Awareness Intensive Retreat are aspects of these 2 master key questions – such as: What is life, love, freedom, consciousness, another, sexuality, truth, relaxation? – to name a few. No intellectual answer will help. You need to go into these questions and experience them directly. Relaxation, trust, love, openness for oneself and others will grow simultaneously with understanding. In the Awareness Intensive Retreat, the ancient Zen technique of facing the wall in silence is combined with the modern technique of structured communication facing a partner. Opening yourself in the presence of another person supports the incentive for the inquiry into who you truly are.

Ganga Cording holds MA in psychology and has worked extensively as a clinical psychologist. She is certified in Holistic Massage, Rebalancing, Hara Awareness and Psychic Massage and is also an accomplished Chinese calligrapher and gardener. Ganga discovered her passion for Satori process some 25 years ago and since then has lead over 100 Satori processes around the world. She leads also the trainings for the Awareness Intensive groups and Hara Awareness Massage.


3-9 September 2023


Rumen Yankulov, 088 99 488 25;

Kaloyan Naumov, 0898 27 89 44;

Tanya Stancheva 088 7004450


Pavel Banya

Villa Sonya Pavel Banya town, The First str

How much:

550 EURO
(this price does not include accommodaton which is 45 EURO per day, in double room)